Fiber Processing

We find complicated pricing systems for fiber processing to be frustrating.  Our answer - a single flat rate processing charge.

The processing of fiber at Shenandoah Fiber and Mill is an art.  We tenderly clean your raw fiber and prepare it for processing.  Our mill equipment is made to handle the fiber with care and to create roving, yarn and felt of the highest quality.  Once received, your fiber is weighed, cataloged, and placed in the queue for processing. 

Unfortunately, the costs for our supplies have increased dramatically. As a result, we've had to increase our flat rate prices in order to cover these increases.  Our new flat rate prices apply to fiber that is at least 2-1/2 inches long:

The price includes all steps of the process:

Final skein washing, recommended to remove sprays we use to remove static electricity, is available at an additional charge of $2.00 per skein

Roving is charged at $20 per pound of finished roving.