The Solar-Powered Fiber Mill

Our single-purpose, solar-powered 2000 square foot mill is complete with a dedicated sorting and washing room, closed drying room, an ergonomically-designed equipment layout that flows "with the fiber" through the process, as well as two separate rooms for receiving and shipping. 

The mill is equipped with Chuck McDermott's heavy duty "Farmer's Wife Stonehedge Fiber Milling Equipment" that includes:

  • a picker with separate room to gather the "fluff"
  • a carding maching, aka "The McDermott Machine" with extra wide feeder belt
  • a pin drafter   
  • a spinning/plying machine
  • a skein winder
  • a skein twister
  • a cone winder
  • a 60 inch needle felter.

 The Drying Room