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Fiber Processing Form


Complicated pricing schemes at other mills used to drive us crazy!
Our Solution:   
  • Flat-rate processing fees
  • Quality customer service


   SIMPLE PRICING: We charge by the pound of finished product (yarn or roving):   

Processing fiber at Shenandoah Fiber Mill is an environmentally-friendly art. Fully solar-powered, in the mill we tenderly clean your fiber, preparing it for processing. Our mill equipment is designed to handle your fiber with care, creating roving, yarn, or felt of the highest quality. Mail your fiber to the address above, enclosing the attached processing form. Use a separate form for each batch of fiber you want processed together. Upon receipt, we weigh and catalog your fiber, placing it in the processing queue. If we have questions, we will call or email. 

  •  Wool (except exotic breeds): $32.00 per pound of finished yarn
  •  Huacaya Alpaca: $34.00 per pound of finished yarn
  •  Suri Alpaca (Blended 50/50 with Huacaya for stability): $38.00 per pound finished yarn
  •  Exotic fibers: $38.00 per pound finished yarn
  •  Blending more than one fiber type together:  $38.00 per pound of finished yarn.
  •  Roving (ready to spin):  $30.00 per pound finished roving.

 The price includes all steps of the process:[1]

  • Sorting, tumbling and washing
  • Picking & carding
  • Pin Drafting into roving
  • Spinning & Plying into skeins or cones

We produce 2, 3, or 4 ply yarns in the following categories, but ask that customers recognize that some fibers are not suitable for some categories of yarn:  

  • Sport/baby
  • DK/Light worsted;
  • Worsted/Aran
  • Chunky/Craft

Blending with sparkle, bamboo, silk, alpaca, & merino) is available. Call for pricing.

Skein washing is available at an additional charge of $2.00 per skein. We recommend this step to remove the residual dust and film, making your knit or crochet experience pure heaven!


1. Fill out each section of this form and include it with your fiber.

2. Use a separate form for each batch of fiber you want processed together.

3. Send to Shenandoah Fiber Mill, 665 Old Chapel Road, P. O. Box 200, Fairfield, VA   24435




Mailing Address


Mailing Address







Type of Fiber

(Circle one)


        Huacaya Alpaca

        Suri Alpaca (We blend Suri 50/50 with Huacaya for stability.)

        Exotic (specify):_____________________________________



Animal Name (if desired)




Finished Product Desired (check   one)

                                                            Yarn                                Skein                    Cone






Yarn Weight (check one)



        DK/Light Worsted








Ply (check one)

        2 ply                             3 ply                       4 ply




Put Up As (check one)

        Skeins (250 yards)                           Cones




Blending (call for pricing)



        Huacaya Alpaca


        Starfire by Ashland






        Merino/Silk/Bamboo (50/25/25)




Final Skein Wash ($2.00 per skein)

                      Yes                             No




Date Received

Raw Weight


Date Complete

Finished Weight

Total Charge


 [1]   Exceptionally dirty or contaminated fiber will require an extra charge.